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FitnessGram Assessment

FitnessGram Data Entry

FitnessGram is the national health-related fitness assessment adopted by the Presidential Youth Fitness Program and is the most widely used children's fitness assessment in the world. It serves as a student-centered assessment, reporting, and educational tool used to promote children's health-related fitness and activity levels.

Each of the test items was selected to assess important aspects of a student's health-related fitness, not skill or agility. Students are not compared to each other, but rather to criterion-based Healthy Fitness Zone® standards, carefully established for each age and gender, that indicate good health.

The software also features powerful data management and statistical reporting tools that support data-driven decision-making. These features make it easy to implement FitnessGram throughout school systems of all sizes. In addition, they also measure outcomes which support curriculum goals and allow educators to effectively advocate for physical education programs.

ActivityGram is the three-day activity assessment within the FitnessGram software where students can monitor and record daily activity patterns. Featured with ActivityGram is Activity Log. ActivityGram encourages 60 minutes of daily activity and provides personalized student reports that encourage students to set activity goals.

Students enter their activities in 30-minute increments and are provided with a detailed report showing total active time, daily active time, and types of activity. Personalized recommendations aligned with national guidelines encourage students to increase or maintain activity levels. Reports available include:

  • Student progress over time
  • Class progress

NutriGram will be brand new to our software and will include six-leveled tests ranging from 10-20 questions. Level one is great for your younger students (K-2 grades) and is pictorial. Level six is great for your high school students (10-12 grades).

There will also be reports available for NutriGram. We will have individual reports that show individual student data as well as group level reports that show averages across grade, ranges, or entire schools/districts.

One of the great things about the new software is the ability to filter down to exactly what you would like displayed on the report. Let me show you a preview of our new software which highlights a few of the FitnessGram reports to give you a better idea visualization.

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