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What is US Games role?

US Games will be handling the sales and distribution of FitnessGram software beginning in April, 2015.

What are features of the new software?

Coming Summer of 2015 The Cooper Institute will be releasing the new FitnessGram Software! Our new software application will highlight a variety of new features including:

  • MyHealthyZone dashboard will feature all assessments including FitnessGram, ActivityGram, and NutriGram and will be mobile friendly!
  • The new parent MyHealthyZone dashboard will allow parents to login to FG and receive an immediate snapshot of their student’s data
  • Students will be assigned their own login and will be able to view test results right off the dashboard
  • The student dashboard is customizable and students are provided with a variety of headers to select based on their age group
  • SmartCoach, a content library with an array of resources, will include customized health-related resources to educate and inform students and parents on health-related fitness and provides worksheets to increase activity

When will the new software be ready?

The new software will be ready summer of 2015.

I currently have FitnessGram 10, what do I need to do to get the new software?

We will be reaching out to you later this spring to provide more information including coordinating the upgrade and migration of fitness data.

Who will be providing Technical Support for the new software?

Human Kinetics will continue to provide technical support through the end of the school year. We will be providing additional support contact information in late April for FitnessGram Technical Support. There will be multiple modes of support available including phone number, email address, and chat.

When can I expect to receive additional information on when our data will be migrated to the new software?

We will be reaching out to all customers in late April with information regarding features of the new software as well as information on dates data will be migrated. The migration will begin to take place once the software is ready in July through September and will continue through the 2015-2016 school year. There is lots of flexibility with the date your data is migrated and we are happy to accommodate your schedule.

Will there be apps for the new software?

Our new software will be mobile compatible. Since it will be mobile friendly and all features will be included within the software there will no longer be a need for the apps nor will they be compatible with the new software.

Have the standards changed with this new version?

The science behind the tests and standards will remain the same. With FitnessGram 10 the PACER equation was updated and no longer requires a BMI component and the BMI cut points were adjusted to align with the Centers for Disease Control. Our Scientific Advisory Board is continually working to ensure our research, standards, and protocol match the best science available.

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