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Why FitnessGram?

FitnessGram® is the most widely used youth physical fitness assessment, education and reporting tool in the world. Based on Healthy Fitness Zone® standards, created by the FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board, FitnessGram uses criterion-based standards, carefully established for each age and gender.

FitnessGram assesses the five components of health-related fitness: Aerobic Capacity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, and Body Composition.

FitnessGram provides an efficient way for physical education teachers to perform fitness and physical activity assessments with reporting capabilities allowing campus, district, and state administrators to view de-identified, aggregate data for entire campuses and districts. It also provides surveillance data allowing for identification of trends and informs curricular and programmatic decisions related to quality and quantity of physical education, staff development, recess, and more.

The NEW intuitive MyHealthyZone Dashboard makes utilizing Fitnessgram easier!

More than Assessment

NEW to FitnessGram®, the MyHealthyZone dashboard connects users to their data, reports, and resources unlike ever before! The new comprehensive platform includes:

  • Data management and analysis tools that allow administrators to gain support for quality physical education programs and drive decisions for program planning, grant funding, and more.
  • SmartCoach, FitnessGram’s new content library, provides personalized feedback and resources to users based on assessment results.
  • Improved student dashboard providing an opportunity for students to interact with their individual fitness data making Goal Setting easier!
  • Student tracking for teachers to monitor progress and develop programs that meet individual needs.

SmartCoach Resources

The NEW SmartCoach content library is packed with staff development resources including training modules to assist in communicating with stakeholders, goal setting with students, securing quality data, and analyzing data to drive decisions. Using the 8-Step Fitness Education Process with SmartCoach is a great way to introduce health and fitness into your districts and schools.

Continuous staff development and education is within reach with the New SmartCoach content library on the MyHealthyZone dashboard. From the first informational orientation - to targeted advice - to learning advanced instructional strategies, FitnessGram provides a wealth of online instructional resources to help your staff excel.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Forged from a first-of-its-kind partnership, the Presidential Youth Fitness Program emphasizes the value of being active—in school and for a lifetime. It supports physical educators following the national standards and grade-level outcomes for physical education that are designed to develop physically literate individuals.

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program provides resources and tools for physical educators to enhance the fitness education process. This includes:

  • FitnessGram® health-related fitness assessment
  • Instructional strategies to promote student physical activity and fitness
  • Communication tools to help physical educators increase awareness about their work in the classroom
  • Options to recognize fitness and physical activity achievements

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